Omega Jets was founded with the intent of optimizing air transport service by responding to passenger expectations, saving time, fulfilling budgets, without neglecting comfort and safety.

Our passion for flying combined with our professional skills encouraged us to seek new solutions, going beyond traditional services offered by commercial flights. We want to provide personalized flying experience satisfying all customers needs.


Omega Jets lets you fly whenever you want, from wherever you want.

Just tell us your needs, we’ll do the rest.

We’ve carefully selected the best, newest and most comfortable private jets for you to fly safely, enjoying an exclusive atmosphere at highly competitive prices.


An  expert 24/7 customer service team will ensure :

  • the best quotes;
  • a wide range of latest-generation aircraft;
  • a selection of last minute (empty-legs) at fantastic prices.


Look up! We are already flying.
Omega Jets business is the brainchild  of a young team, working for over  10 years in the aviation. We decided to make use of our experience working within national airlines where we held important  positions in several departments. The specific skills acquired and the overview of the problems experienced both,  from the point of view of the operator and the customer, gave us the awareness that Omega Jets offers a reliable, fast and innovative service.


Our goal is to find the best solution at the best price.

Our commitment: provide the maximum of comfort, security, privacy, reliability, competence and professionalism.

Our certainty: we’ll become consultant for all your flights. Each time, we will suggest the most advantageous solutions for your needs.

We will provide a personalized service. We will know your tastes and meet your expectations.